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It's your discovery, good job!

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It's your discovery, good job! Empty It's your discovery, good job!

Post by Esoseinh Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:51 am

Hello. Same here... Have DVDFab but hardly ever use... only for the rare ones that AnyDVD can't handle.. But then, always have to run thru FixVts or VobBlanker.. Don't need those with AnyDVD rips. AnyDVD even cleans up and repairs the files from the TV DVD recorder.. Don't know if its just my machine, or the "nature of the beast"... they play fine, but if you try to rip (so I can convert to .avi), they come up with invalid DVD structure errors and a bunch of other junk.. Everyone had been made into DVD compliant structure using the AnyDVD ripper.. Then Shrink to just pull off the main movie (the DVD recorder creates several other title files) and then AutoGK and a perfect 350MB .avi from a 4.5GB DVD.DVDFab on the other hand, "chokes up" on my home-burned DVD's from the recorder... usually needs Pathplayer enabled and then always needs to be cleaned up before anything else..So, just my 2cents.Originally posted by iluvendo: Originally posted by Corey1031: I'm going to use DVDfab from now on. Seems to work betterNot always as I find anydvd gives cleaner rips. I do own both proggies. 04 Mar 2009 @ 10:51~~~~ Nothings Forgotten. Nothing Is Ever Forgotten. ~~~~


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